4 Ways To Find Inner Rejuvenation After A Busy Week!


The weekend is upon us. Hoorayy! How blessed we are to have made it through another week, even if by the outermost skin of our teeth. Exhausted is what best describes many of us when the clock strikes 5PM on Furahi-Day (Happy Day)! Aside from catching up on lost sleep, finding inner rejuvenation is key to maintaining our emotional and mental health in the midst of the demands of life. I've learnt that as my life has become busier, I need to be more deliberate about winding down. I've found that that's the only way to regain the energy that I need to truly live life to my best.

These are a few tips that I've picked along the way that help me find my zen:

1. I curate my space. 

I'm a nest-maker. I really am. I spend lots of time decorating and organizing my room before I feel truly at home. One of my favorite ways through which I transform my room into a cozy enclave is by draping my walls with fairy icicle lights. I love the enchanting blue glow that they add to my room. I also tickle my senses with scents. There's nothing better than walking into your room and taking a deep breath of fresh air. My favorite scent is vanilla, and I'm currently IN LOVE with these premium soy candles that I got from the natural market online. Every breath of vanilla-infused air tickles my insides and elevates me. 

2. I set time aside for downtime.

 I'm an introvert by nature - meaning that at times I like to retreat into my own world. To do this, I catch up on my favorite blogs or read an e-book. Sometimes I chuck on some Netflix and watch my favorite TV shows. Right now I'm in the middle of Braxton Family Values...absolutely love these ladies!

3. I surround myself with my favorite memories. 

I find memories in interesting artifacts. One that is particularly close to me is my Alice White Shiraz wine bottle. I shared this wine with two of my besties - Mmas and Marcela a couple months back. Giggles galore that night, need I say more! Hihi! I transformed this bottle into a vase and now it holds my sunflowers. 

4. I write write write away... 

I discovered the joy of writing when I was twelve. I haven't put my pen down since, well clearly! I process my thoughts by jotting them down. Disappointments, joys, discoveries, muchene (gossip), special memories, milestones, reminders, advice, criticism...I note everything down. I lay my burdens upon the pages of my journals. I also like to plan my upcoming week in my journal. I find that this helps me guage and prepare for what's coming ahead, be it deadlines or dates with friends. 

How do you wind down on the weekend? Or do you prefer to turn up instead? (I know that I thoroughly enjoy a clatchet - classy ratchet - girl's night out from time to time!) :-)

Whatever you fancy, I wish you a restful weekend ahead luvlee!