3 Myths That Are Stunting Your Hair Growth!


Many of us in the natural hair community crave length! Truth is! But many times, it is may be evasive. Alternatively, we make slight length gains and then get major setbacks that take us back to square one. These are 3 myths I had to debunk in order to grow my hair to mid-back length. 

MYTH 1: My hair stopped growing. This is a question I have been asked many times: I think my hair stopped growing, what should I do? 

FACT: While certain factors such as ill health and genetics might cause balding or stunted growth, for most of us, our hair stays at the same length due to unhealthy hair and/or dietary practices. Our hair follicles are constantly spewing out hair, but we don't retain it if the ends keep breaking off. In order to see significant growth, you need to keep your hair in protective styles that ensure your ends are tucked in. Additionally, our diets play a key role in hair growth - make sure you are taking a daily multi-vitamin and stocking up on greens and veggies, and of course drink lots and lots of water! 

MYTH 2. I need to oil my scalp. This is the biggest myth any black woman out there has ever believed when it comes to length retention. I cannot help but think of all the Dax pomades that I lathered on my scalp in the name of hair growth! Word! These marketers sure do know how to get us. Or that tingly HairGro oil that was meant to awaken our hair follicles!? Who feels me on this one? Haha! 

FACT: While the health of our scalp is critical to our hair's growth, we have paid undue attention to it. In order to maintain length, we need to focus on the ends of our hair that are the oldest, weakest and most likely to break off. Instead of applying oil to your scalp, moisturise the entire length of your hair and then lock in the moisture with a light oil like olive oil. 

MYTH 3: My hair is hard. This one saddens me. Really, it does. Our hair is coily, but it sure isn't hard. I have actually found my natural hair a lot easier to take of than my relaxed hair. Hard hair is usually a negative connotation that implies that our curl patterns are unmanageable, nappy or "like steel wool". 

FACT: Our tight curl pattern means that our hair easily forms tufts, but with a proper regimen and good hair practices, we can learn how to make our coils and kinks supple and manageable. Our hair texture is extremely versatile. Think about it!! Today I can rock a TWA if I pat my shrinkage down, and tomorrow my hair can flow down my back if I blowdry it. Type 4 hair is too fly! 

Have you debunked any hair myths? I'd love to know!

Stay extra sparkly!