I Found Yellow! (February 2015)

Yellow to me is a frame of mind. 

Yellow is laughter, light and energy. It's daffodils, sunshine and sunflowers.


I can't believe that Craving Yellow has been live for two months already! Where is this year flying to? Is it really March already?


I'm grateful though. Extremely grateful that we've been granted life. Whatever life has thrown our way, I'm glad that we have lots of yellowness to share in and to celebrate.

I found laughter.

Friend was in town, and boy does he keep me giggling! A hearty laugh is a cure for everything! And while we are talking about friend and laughter, Jennifer deserves a special mention for cracking me up over dinner the other night. We caught up on life and of course as typical ladies, that includes chatting about our friends. This gal oh! She had me in tears! I was almost choking on my food- she's the type of person who makes a joke with a straight face! Waaahh!! You laugh till you can't breathe! Jennifer is a star, love her tonnes!

I found light.

Blogging has humbled me. It really has. It takes a lot out of you, but it gives back 100-fold! I have a new found admiration for artists and creatives who go out of their way to bring color into the world. I am incredibly inspired by The Piano Guys. If you haven't encountered them yet, (yes, they are a force!) check out my favorite video of all time below. I ADORE these guys. People!!? They've been on replay for 48 hours straight. Sema obsession? Every piece is a carefully curated piece of art.

I found energy.

I mostly found energy, to be honest. I have to admit that I have a budding love for South Asian musical and artistic traditions. I attended a dance performance by Shantala Shivalingapa and my soul was uplifted. She is an Indian born and French raised classical Indian dancer. I was taken by her precision and her self-control. She really does embody what it means to place mind over matter. I was inspired. I was healed.

While we are still on South Asia, I also can't get over this one song by Shweta Subram and the Piano Guys!! (I told you I'm a little...okay a lottle obsessed!)

And of course, where would Craving Yellow be without your readership, feedback and support? I'm deeply deeply humbled by every word of kindness that you've shared. Thanks for writing, commenting, subscribing, liking, suggesting, following, sharing and recommending! (Special thanks to Tendayi for featuring Craving Yellow on Africanhairblog!)

On that note....I'm almost boiling over with ideas for the month of March. Keep stopping by for hair (and more) tips...they'll be rolling like Jack and Jill down the hill. (See I have no chill? That rhyme doe! Hahaha!! )

Have you found laughter, light or energy? I'd love to know!! 

Find a couple of my favorite February pics down below. 

(See I'm still rhyming yo! Hohoho!) 

*Okay enough Tabitha* :))

Happy New Month!