Sultry Valentines Styles : The Open Heart!!

Love is...

fun in the sun on a cold wintry day!  Love is gratitude for every little blessing that we are freely given.

Love is...



We made it! The first week of February is over.. this year is flying by pretty fast, innit? 

This is the last in a series of posts on hairstyles to rock during this love-filled month. If you missed the first style find it here. Or the second, find it here

Yep! You guessed right, the third style is the simplest of them all: a free-flowing undefined fro. 

Now if you've been following this blog for a while, you know that I have had my hair in matutas (three-strand braids) for three months. I am firmly on my way to waist-length hair (July 2015 hopefully) so I have been trying my best to baby my strands! When I finally undid my matutas for a little break, it was about time to let the tresses lose! 

If you want to rock your fro make sure that you spritz your hair with a leave-in conditioning mix (mine is water and aloe-vera juice) and apply a light oil such as olive oil to seal it in, prior to stepping outside. This goes for those of us with Tiny Winy Afros (TWA's) too! Our strands are as delicate as silk, so we need to make sure they are protected from harsh weather conditions. For me harsh is NEGATIVE 23 Degrees Celsius weather. :-/

That's about it for this style! After filming my Hello Curlies Product Review and shooting this series I was longing to feel some sunshine on my skin. So I went outside for a proper Uhuru Park style basking and photo sesh. 

Such a perfect shot of the winter glow..when sun meets snow flurry..

Such a perfect shot of the winter glow..when sun meets snow flurry..


Don't you love how the sun illuminates the snow? It's like the whole earth is glowing! 

Anyway, I hope you picked up a tip or two from this Sultry Sass series! I'm currently in New York!! Eeeekk! Told ya I was travelling! Follow me on instagram @cravingyellow to glean a few fun shots! 

Also, have a fantabulous weekend!