20 Beauty & Lifestyle Hacks For Your 20's!!


Heya Pretty!

I sure do hope that your days are filled with laughter, light and energy! For today's post, I thought I'd share a couple of beauty and lifestyle hacks that I've picked up along the way! By along the way, I mean in the past 4 or so years! 

My birthday is in a couple of days - December 7th! Woohoo!! I'll be turning 25!! :-))) Being that I'm just about to complete another sojourn round the sun, I thought this would be a perfect time to share some simple but effective beauty and lifestyle hacks that I've picked along the way!!

1.     Find your right foundation shade

No more halos on our hairlines please!! Greyness and ashiness be gone!

2. Spoil yourself

Buy yourself a bunch of roses or take yourself out to your favorite restaurant. Or maybe, just take a long, lazy Saturday afternoon nap!

3.     Dress for your body type

Black makes you look slimmer, bright bold shapes make for a fuller look – whatever your preference, rock it!

4.     Invest in a basic make-up kit

It took me 2 years to build mine! While I still have certain items that I’d like to add, my make-up investment has been more than worth it. High quality products like MAC last ages, and have a cleaner finish. (Click here for my list of go-to make-up products!)

5.     Wear a designer scent

Like Dior or DKNY, especially when you want to leave your mark. I’m currently enjoying Givenchy’s Dahlia Noir.

6.     Master the art of a home mani

Save your hard earned cash and paint your nails at home. A couple of high quality polishes and a handy nail file are all you need.

7. Read on the go

Buy a few e-books. Read novels by authors you've never heard of before. Read on the bus/train or when you're waiting in line! Embrace the chance to travel to a brand new world!

8.     Have a secret recipe

..That you whip out once in a while for a home-cooked dinner with your besties! There’s nothing quite as tantalizing as some good ol’ Betty Crocker yumminess!

9.     Master a new skill

No worries, I totally get that Uni and Job-hunting are skills-to-be-mastered in themselves (been there, done that!) But I’m talking something crafty – like photography, beadery, pottery, piano. Heck even Tae Kwon Do!

10. Detox regularly

Scour your pantry for some home remedies like turmeric, ginger, honey and apple cider vinegar. You’ll be surprised at how these nutrient rich foods revitalize your body!

11. Write down your investment plan

You don’t have to have $1,000,000 in your account to be financially smart! I keep all my income/expenses on an Excel Sheet (Yes, I’m OCD) so that I can plan out every penny! I’m exploring various investment opportunities at the moment.

12. Build up your wardrobe

Start with the basics. A black leather jacket, black pumps, a classy clutch for evenings out with your girls..you get the drift!

13. Volunteer with a non-for-profit

I’m still looking for opportunities here in Melbourne, but I’ve found that I feel most fulfilled when I give of myself towards meeting other’s needs.

14. Wear sunscreen and eye cream

Oohhhh ladieess!! Our skin starts aging in our 20’s. It’s prone to damage by UV rays, so we must protect our skin as best as we can, while we can! Your under-eyes is also the most delicate, so invest in a high quality balm that will keep your skin elastic.

15. Establish who your real girlfriends are

This is a touchy one, I know! But trust me, over the years I have come to establish who my besties are! And honestly, I can’t live without them.

16. Go to a super-fan concert

I’m talking Adele, Justin Beiber, Drake – whoever tickles your fancy. I went to Beyonce’s On The Run Concert in Washington DC and that was one of my most memorable (and ratchet) nights ever!

17. Establish your mental and emotional boundaries

By this, I mean your standards and values. There isn’t a script to this one. I’ve shaped my values over many many years and by making many many mistakes. But I’m learning what it is that I will or will not take. How it is that I will and will not be treated.

18. Find solitude

Travel alone to a place you’ve never been. Find yourself. As girls its easy to lose ourselves in meeting the needs of those around us, before we meet our own. It’s okay to be selfish, to take time alone, to do what pleases you.

19. Men

This three letter word can be the title of a book/biography/movie! Heaven only knows!! But here's what I've learnt: Date wisely, keep your standards high, know your value. Be patient. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t settle. Find someone who believes that your existence is purely magical.

20. And lastly...

 “Plan in decades. Think in years. Work in months. Live in days.” Above all, live. Embrace your existence. Celebrate how far you’ve come. Pat yourself on the shoulder. You are doing just fine!

What beauty hacks have you picked along the way? I'd love to know! Lets share ideas!

Sending you lots of love and sunshine!