2 Outdated Hair Beliefs That Are Stunting Your Hair Growth!

Heya Pretty! 

I sure do hope that your week is running smoothly! Today I just thought to share two MAJOR hair myths that may be stunting your hair growth. I get lots of emails from ladies who say that they have tried everything, and yet their hair still won't grow. 

If you've been on the blog a while, you know that my natural hair essentials are moisture, moisture and more moisture, then sealing with a light oil such as Olive Oil. Protective styling using two-strand twists is another fundamental hair practice that will increase the your prospects of length retention. (Watch this YouTube video here for more on two-strand twists!)

However, these essential hair practices and techniques will not be effective, if you still hold strongly to these 2 hair beliefs:

1. Oil your scalp/Grease your scalp!

I shudder! I do not know how this ever became an aspect of black haircare, but this practice needs to go back to the dungeons from which it came. Greasing/oiling your scalp is one of the most detrimental hair practices EVER! By greasing and oiling, I mean reaching for your tab of Venus/Dax/Motions/Organic Root Stimulator Oils - more commonly known as POMADES - and slathering these upon thy scalp! Sttahhpp with this already, if this is what your weekly hair routine consists of! 

Note this: Heavy oils, when applied to the scalp can cause follicle clogging!! Your scalp does not need grease/oils/pomades in order to "produce" hair! Trust me, there isn't any growth pomade on the planet that can manipulate your hair growth.

Rather than slather heavy and often mineral-based oils to your scalp, opt for light all natural oils like avocado oil, olive oil and coconut oil. These oils are not only fantastic for our general skin and hair health, they are able to penetrate the hair strand and enhance your hair's flexibility. Apply these oils to the length of your hair rather than to your scalp. Oils are meant to seal in the moisture on our strands. If you must "oil" your scalp, use only a teaspoonful or so. Massage the oil into your scalp. These will aid in circulation, and bring much needed nutrients to your scalp. This in turn, supports hair growth! 

2. Natural hair can be "trained" or "softened"!! 

Ohhhh heavens! This one really irks me! When the term hair training is used, it is often used to mean hair damage using heat. Basically, a stylist will use an excessive amount of heat on your strands such that when you wash your hair, your strands do not revert/curl. Natural hair cannot be trained without getting damaged. If you choose to "train" your hair, you will lose it all due to breakage from dryness and heat damage. I am yet to see a natural who has "trained" their hair and retained a full, luscious mane! 

Another closely used term is "softening". Believe it or not, I get this question more times than I would like: "What products can I use to "soften" my natural hair?" Trust me, I know the struggle that is coming to natural haircare for the first time and realising that your hair is a lot more textured  (ready kinky/coily) than you'd imagined! This struggle was tooo real for me when I started my hair journey. But I have grown to love my kinks and coils, as tangled and matted as they sometimes can get. 

Don't be fooled honey, any product that claims to "soften" your hair or loosen your curl pattern, is doing lots more harm than good! There isn't a single product that I have come across in my 4+ years of natural haircare that has successfully soften natural hair. The best thing that you can do for your natural hair is to embrace it. It might feel like it is "full of tangles", "is unmanageable" or is "unruly" but with time, you'll learn how to let your kinks and coils just be!

What outdated beliefs have you let go of? I'd love to know!! 

Sending you lots of love and sunshine!