I Found Yellow! (October 2015)

Yellow to me is a frame of mind. 

Yellow is laughter, light and energy. Yellow is sunshine and love!!


I surely cannot believe that October has so swiftly flown by! This has been quite the month! There's many ways in which I have found yellow - laughter, light and energy. 

I found laughter!!

....When I landed my first job in Australia after over 60 applications!! (Need I mention, one firm took me for a looonng ride - I had to do 9 interviews!!) I'm really thankful that I landed this particular job though. It's not just any job, it's my dream job!!! I got it because of the skills I have gained while blogging here at Craving Yellow!! I'm super excited about working at this company!!! Lessons learned: Dream big, put yourself out there, be optimistic, know your skills and then go for it!! 

I found light!!

...In rallying support for one of my closest besties after her mum's passing. I've cried for many days and nights and it's been difficult to be far away from my friends and family at such a trying time. I am refreshed, however, by the outpouring of support that she has received. It's great to know that I have friends who've seen me through it ALL and who will walk through life with me no matter what! (Cheers to my Whatsapp group: "The Dri...Terr.." #ICantTypeOutOurGroupNameHere)

I found energy!!

...Right here in Melbourne City!! I'm starting to feel right at home! The streets of Fitzroy and the heights of South Yarra, are starting to feel familiar. Evenings spent at Alumbra, at Boy and Co., Ribs & Burgers and Shnitz. If you're ever in Melbourne, grab yourself a Swiss Schnitz. Those semi-dried tomatoes and sweet chilli mayo will have your tastebuds sweltering! Typing all that out just made me realise how much I have been hogging my guts out!!! Not to mention all those impromptu visits to Maccas, KFC and Hungry Jacks! (And late night popcorn and chips with Mr. Man at the Village Cinemas!) Lawddd...no wonder my clothes are feeling tighter!! Loolll! Your girl needs to head to the gym after typing up this post!!! #ButSeriously


These are a few of my favourite shots from the month of October. Click on the captions below each one if you missed a post! 

October has been a rollercoaster of a month!! I've felt loss and I've found victory. I have grownnn. I am thankful for laughter, light and energy. I am thankful too for all of your love and support in form of comments, messages, DMs!! 

How was October for you? Did you find laughter, light, energy? Did you find love and sunshine? What are you thankful for? I'd love to know!! 

Sending you lots of love and sunshine for November!!