I Found Yellow! (September 2015)

Heya pretty!

It's a sunny, sunny Saturday morning here in Melbourne! Spring is wafting through the air..the flowers are blossoming, purple hues and soft calm blues against sparkly pinks and mellow yellows! I tell ya, my eyes are feasting! There's just something glorious about spring..!

I have lots to be thankful for, and this post is all about that..moments in which I found laughter, light and energy (and lots of other ratchet moments! Hahaha!) in the month of September.

I found laughter. 

.....(I bet you can guess this one) ..with THE MR. (I promise you'll meet him soon..and no, he is not an imaginary friend! LOOLL!) Looking back now, it seems like we went to the movies heaps! He and I just have too much fun together! We're besties above all else, and we just click! (Okay, your girl's in love! Hihi!) We watched Everest, Sicario and Straight Outta Compton. 

Pure motivation right here!! 

Pure motivation right here!! 

.....on @blameitonkway's Instagram page. Titi is just a plain rib-cracker!! 

....with Mushi and Steph, at Cold Rock Icecream..! These two, are not only the most loving and self-sacrificial couple I've met, they are soooo openly generous and practical in their support! 

.....with  Rachel and Jordana. My besties. You are just the ones. I've known Rachel for almost 16 years, and Jordana for almost 10. These ladies have seen it ALL and they've been through it ALL with me! I am so very very thankful for them! 

I found light. 

...in your words of support and love! Thank you lots for all your kind DM's, emails, tweets, Facebook mentions, reposts, comments and replies! I bask in your sunshine!! <3

...in Skyping with my Mum. Thank goodness for Mums and mother figures in our lives who calm the raging storms in our heads, and assure us that everything will be okay! I'm always looking to soak up the wisdom of my elders. 

...In Humans of New York's current series on the Syrian crisis. I love that HONY humanizes us all again. It's easy to want to draw intricate political processes and blame "systems" but at the end of the day, the most complex of the world's problems can be easily solved if we all drew a little more on our humanity. 

I found energy. 

....to watch the full season on Narcos on Netflix - in Time minus 1 day! *Gasp!* And I'm not even ashamed! Haha! Watch the trailer here. 

...in the sounds of Alina Baraz. She's an amazing underground artist, who's done some amazing work with the likes of Galimatias. Listen here. 

...by eating lots of KFC wings and Kebabs! Oi! I think I've packed on 4 kilos in the three months since my big move to Australia! Now to the gym, I must go! The food vs. figure struggle is all too real right now!

...in one of Melbourne's most hippie restaurants: The Workshop. This one, is on a class of its own. Yoh! When Bae and I walked in, the bartenders were dancing, and people were in enclaves partaking of some interesting substances. I felt like I had stepped out of Melbourne for a second. But honestly, I have a growing admiration for intimate sub-cultures. I have to admit, there's something refreshing about being counter-culture. (Okay, I might just be a hippie, after all! Haha!)

How's the going on your end? Have you found laughter, light, energy? 

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I'm excited about the month of October..! I'm just so deeply deeply grateful for all of life..!! Let's soak it all in, shall we?