Sunshine & Snow at the United States AirForce Academy in Colorado!!

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I had the pleasure of visiting the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) when I was in Colorado over Christmas break. 

USAFA is a force to reckon with. Quite literally. The US' top military forces are trained in these facilities. When within the heavily guarded security gates, you can't help but feel the brashness of the brute barricade juxtaposed against your fragile frame. You are confronted with the very whims of power. Global power. Power that dictates which way the world will turn. 

Americuuh. Its superior air intelligence is what sets it apart as the world's most powerful State. (I'm a Political Science major, so my area of academic and intellectual interest lies at the heart of global power relations...but let me not get my geek glasses on!)

When I visited the Academy with my brother, I knew I'd have to come back and capture the experience in a golden sparkly dress. Why you ask? Because SPARKLES! No seriously, I wanted something regal and formal, something elegant and astute but effeminate and airy that would contrast the stark and macho concrete confines of the Academy. If military strategy is about camouflage, espionage and secrecy, then I wanted to be about unabashed visibility and vulnerability. 

There's something about wearing a gold sparkly dress on a sunny, winter day. I felt like the chill of shimmering snow and like warmth of glistening sunshine all at the same time!

*** All photographs are by my beloved big brother Obura Tongoi (he endured a lot to get these shots for me!) ***

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