I Found Yellow! (January 2015)

Yellow to me is a frame of mind. 

Yellow is laughter, light, and energy. It's daffodils, sunshine and sunflowers.

In December last year, when I toyed with the idea of starting a blog, I had no idea what I was up for. But in  a good way. Let me explain. I had read a book called Still Life with Oysters and Lemon that explored our human obsession with objects, that is, consumerism or commodity worship. When I put the book down after reading the last page, I couldn't help but notice that I saw yellow everywhere I went. Hence the name Craving Yellow.

But then Yellow took on a creative energy of its own. It began to represent, in my mind, some of the ideas I had encountered in my classes about self-presentation as a means of redeeming life. Many bloggers have said that they started writing as an outlet after first-time parenthood, or maybe even after moving to a new city or losing a loved one. For me, Craving Yellow is inspired by the desire to encourage a positive and self-affirmative womanhood for myself and also for my readers. We all know that beyond all the glam, make-up and fashion, is real life - with its joys, ups and downs, treasures and pains.

And so for me, Craving Yellow is the pursuit of wholesome womanhood. 

Why haircare? Well because I can testify that for many African women in the diaspora, haircare is a big challenge. ( I see a few of you nodding and snapping your fingers! Hihihi! ) The struggle is real when you do not have Kenyatta Market or Mama Nani's salon. But aside from that, I've found that transitioning to natural hair has been a process of introspection. It has been a process of understanding myself in a global environment - a process of navigating the razor-sharp contours of what it means to be black and female and African and educated. (Can I get an amen?!)

That said, my first month of blogging has confirmed that the beauty of womanhood is that our experiences are truly universal. Over the past month of blogging, I have connected with working-class mothers in Hong Kong, middle-aged women who've lived in the US for over 10 years, naturals in their early to mid-20's in my home country in Kenya who've never left home, and even gathered a few readers from England, Canada, Spain, South Africa and Botswana! 

This first month of blogging/vlogging has been exhilarating! I have learnt a lot from the technical and creative process, but also from all of you who've said a kind word in passing or left me a message. I am truly humbled that you've joined me on this journey. Can't wait for what's in store! 

*Some of my fave shots below*

Happy Weekend Loves!

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