Unofficial Mid-Year Length Check!!

EEEkk!! I smell the WEEKEND! 

Howzit going for you buntanami? (Feeling my South African slang today!?)

Aite boo, let's get to it! I did my unofficial mid-year length check a couple of days ago. I was beyond excited!!!

I've officially hit mid-back length . Against a measuring tape, I have about 15 inches of hair. If there is ONE benefit to being short, it's that your hair shows length pretty fast! 15 inches for some ladies might be shoulder length - just saying! (My friend just asked me if I drink Hate-orade *not Gatorade*, because that last line right there was me hating!) I know, we are both lame, he and I. Hahaha! 

Anyway, digressing is a strong element in my writing. Um, what was I saying? Yes. I'm mid-back length! Pap! It's been about 3 years since I big chopped (Feb 2012), and 3.5 years since I started my transition and healthy hair journey (July 2011). 

Over the past few months, I have been rocking units. I am a self-confessed serial protective styler! This is my favorite one of all time. I like that it is very similar to blow-dried natural hair. I've probably bought about 3 by now - these units last forever! I LOVE THEM! Also, I tend to buy lengths that are similar to what I expect to have by my next natural hair anniversary, just for some added motivation. This unit here is 16 inches. I'm hoping to have 17 inches  of my own hair (waist-length) by July 2015. 

*My embarrassed face* 

*My embarrassed face* 

I've had my hair in three strand twists for three months straight. Wearing units allows me to protective style for long periods of time and to protect my tresses from this NEGATIVE 26 DEGREES CELCIUS weather! Le strruuuggzz!

I hope no one else has been drinking Hate-orade...please don't hate on me neh?! *End of lameness and South African slang* Haha!

.......DRUM ROLLS PLEASE!!!....

Excuse de brassiere...ahem ahem..!

Excuse de brassiere...ahem ahem..!

Hair Unit: LacewigTrend

Lipstick: Nouba Millebaci No. 46

White Tee: Primark (UK)

Neckpiece: Primark (UK)

Bowler Hat: H&M (Washington, DC)

How far along are you in your hair journey? I'd love to know! Are you a serial protective styler like myself?

Thanks for stopping by! Please do have yourself a safe weekend!