Pre-Pooing My Mid-Back Length Hair!! (Video!)

Hey loves!

So I FINALLY got round to preparing my mid-back length hair for detangling. Oh cost me all my guts...! Le 4C hair strugggzzz!! Find out how I did it here!: 

*My facial expressions though! Hahaha!*

(See below)

2015-01-22 08.31.01 1.jpg

When I finished applying the products, I threw on my black plastic cap and a beanie and headed out the door!

How many a natural woman have spoken in front of a crowd with a plastic cap tucked under it all? I know I have! Oh you bet I have! Lipstick on, stilettos in tow and oh yes, a-plastic-showercap-under-a-wig-cap-under-a-wig! Natural hair has taught me to deep condition/ pre-poo on the go! 

*Wink wink...Kagz this honorable mention is for you!*

How do you prepare your hair for detangling after serial protective styling? I'd love to know!

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