A Memoir To Nneka, My Feature On Ramblings & Snaps And Inspiration From Beyonce!

Hey love!

I hope your weekend was restful. Mine was interesting. I've spent the past three or so days trying out new photography and film equipment - I'm taking my blogging quite seriously neh?! Be on the look out for my first YouTube video on how I detangle my hair..yyaaayyyzeerrss!!

I've been thinking about Craving Yellow, and about what steps I'd like to take going forward. I have so many fun ideas I'd love to execute, but also lots of hair tips and tricks I would love to share with you. My first three weeks of blogging have been a steep learning curve - I have grown in patience, excellence, consistency and self-discipline. I have to say, my respect for fellow bloggers/creatives/producers/artists has grown IMMENSELY over the past few days. Creating takes a lot out of one, but at the same time, it speaks deeply to some of our most innate desires as human beings - adventure, creativity and exploration.

SPEAKING OF FELLOW BLOGGERS, I had my first feature on Ramblings and Snaps! Thank you Dhvani! I so deeply admire your work. I am HUMBLED!!!

Creating is fun and exhilarating, but it is also exhausting, time-consuming and emotionally-taxing...! (Anyone out there who feels me on this one?) That said, it is one of the most exciting experiences I have put myself through. I feel truly alive. I see colour everywhere I go and my conversations seem a lot more meaningful. I'm an introvert by nature so I'm glad that blogging is allowing me to live a little. 

When I was needing a little inspiration this week, I found this video of Beyonce's Behind the Scenes, and thought I would share. Because sharing is caring. *too corny!* She works HARD and SMART. Boss lady she is. 

What am I trying to say? Life is lived "behind the scenes". Life is lived in the little things, so live hard and give life all that you've got. Today is the very best that life may ever be, so soak it in. Do your best. Do your best. Do your best. Give thanks. Work with others. Breathe. Celebrate your life - wear a little make-up, dress up in your favorite pair of heels, wrap your hair in a turban (see pics below) . Smile. 

Thanks for joining me in this journey of life. I truly bask in your light!


Hair: LaceWigTrend.com

Turban:  Scarf that I bought from Charlotte Russe (Colorado, USA)

Lipstain: Nouba Millebaci no. 46 (Nakumatt UKAY, Kenya)

Necklace: Primark (Oxford, UK)

*This post is specially dedicated to Nneka Makeda Fritz R.I.P whose light, love, energy, determination, resilience, free-spiritedness and humor inspires me to live a little.*