This Is The Life I Know!!

Pictures by Alex Sun, Tabitha Tongoi and Muriu Makumi

Pictures by Alex Sun, Tabitha Tongoi and Muriu Makumi

Hey loves!

As my hair grows, the tide of life continues to ebb and flow. My personal journey has been shaped by wonderful people and diverse experiences. I'd love to share some of the life-lessons and opportunities that have brought me to where I am as I type this out.  

(Ps- Where I am: I am sitting on my brother's bed in my pjs! He gave up his room for me for the entire time of my winter break visit to Colorado. Sigh! My big brother is just too bomb!)

Anyway, I digress. Please do stick around the lifestyle section of my blog for lots of odes to places I have travelled to; for tips on how to take care of your nails; for all-natural and budget-friendly skincare tricks; for make-up tips for the chocolate-skinned girl; for memoirs of conversations with wise friends such as Muriu Makumi (who's here for the break too); and for how I fulfill my cravings for all things Y E L L O W! 

To lots of laughs, tears, memories and aha-moments experienced in this crazy motion we call life...wherever each of us might be, as India Arie so beautifully sings in "This is the life I know"!

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