Why I Went Natural : Creamy Crack Rehab & Lots Of Embarrassing Pics!!!

....because PERM.

Yeesss ladies, that creamy crack had me walking around with thin, lifeless, limp, dead, splitting...*did I say THIN?* hair.

Gasp! Just glean that picture for a while (Circa 2010)! I toyed with putting it up but decided that if it would convince you that you too can grow your hair, then it would be well worth it. 

All I am saying is that, I NEVER had a nice perm. Now we all now what that is: hair that is thick and healthy even after applying a relaxer. Mine was LIMP...as in frail...as in sparse...as in! Wah!

If I blamed it on my genes, I would say this: individually, both my parents have beautiful hair! My mum rocks locs that are grazing waist length, and my Dad has the fullest hairline any man above 50 can have! Now when these genes came together, it was hair catastrophe! See, genetically I got my mother's fine hair, and my father's coarse hair.  

If I blamed it on pure shadiness and poor hair care practices, I would say this: I didn't know anything about taking care of my hair, and I always depended on my hair stylist in Nairobi to do my hair for me. 

Moving to America for further studies changed all this. 

*Can I get an amen from all my sisters in the diaspora who understand this struggle!*

For us Kenyan girls, there was no Kenyatta Market! *Can I get another AMEN!* And from that realization, my hair journey began!

But first, my life as a relaxed gal! *Insert cringing face*

Yours truly at age 19:-)

Yours truly at age 19:-)

Did I say LIMP hair? As in fine...as in kidogo (sparse) hair? As in, just glean my 'bang' for a moment...I had one strand of hair!!  Hahaha!

I started from the bottom, now I'm here.

When I wasn't rocking my paper-thin parched hair, I was in braids. Luckily, when I was studying in South Africa, my math teacher's wife braided my hair in Afro Kinky for R70 - R100. What a talented hand, and even more beautiful spirit Lenny has! I wish my math results were as beautiful. Sigh!

Yours truly at age 19:-)

Yours truly at age 19:-)

Teenage-hood had me acne-scared, brace-faced and oh yessss rainbow-braided! 

Yes ladies...! I started from the bottom!

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