3rd Natural Hair Anniversary : The Process!! (Lots of Pictures & Video Footage!!)

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The natural hair party continues! If you missed the first part of the series, find it here

This is a picture of what my hair looked like the next morning. I woke up thirty minutes early to quickly rake my fingers through my hair. Surprisingly the breakage was not bad at all! I'd say it was all that olive oil and conditioner from the night before. 

I put my hair in loose chunky twists, pinned my ends in and tied a cute bow and ran to work.

As I wanted my hair professionally straightened, I had made an appointment with a natural hair stylist I had come across at Verizon Center, Washington DC. 

My stylist undid my lose rope twists to prep my hair for the wash. What an awesome twist out that would have been! 

Afterwards, she shampooed and conditioned my hair, and gently exfoliated my scalp. Oh the bliss of having someone else handle your hair for a day! 

She used a paddle brush with medium-spaced bristles to rake through my hair from root to tip as she blow-dried my hair. She also used a medium heat setting, to prevent heat damage. 

I found that this technique further detangled my hair without causing mechanical damage from excessive combing and heat.

The shrinkage at my crown is REAL!! 

After the blow dry, we realised that my ends were uneven. Those scraggly ends had to go! Wouldn't we all be mid-back length if we better cared for our ends? 

This is my hair after the trim. Before the trim, I had about 15 inches, and was scraping mid-back length, but after the trim I had 12 - 13 inches of even hair. Health over length any day ladies!

My stylist applied an oil-based heat protectant serum to my blow-dried hair. She then used a ceramic-plated flatiron to swipe through my hair. 

One secret to preventing heat damage is to limit the number of swipes per section of the hair. My stylist used two swipes at the roots of my hair, and one slow swipe along the length of my hair. This technique prevents hair from reverting at the roots where you sweat the most, but also protects the older parts of your hair from heat damage.

As you can tell, I was ELATED!!! This right here is the most glorious my crown has ever been! EEEkkk!!

Anyhow, how far along are you in your hair journey and when was the last time you had your hair straightened?

Coming soon... 

My hair as a relaxed gal! *Prepare for some interesting pictures*

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