3rd Natural Hair Anniversary!!! (Hair Prep & Behind The Scenes!)

Pictures and Video Footage by KipKoech Rop

Pictures and Video Footage by KipKoech Rop

Hey loves!

So this is where it all began. My three year natural hair anniversary that is. I had been looking forward to this time of the year because I flat-iron my hair only ONCE a year. Yes, once. So, July 2014 was that special time of the year. I was elated, smiling with anyone who cared to smile back and eager to see how much length I had retained in a year.

2014-12-22 08.42.52 1.jpg

 For the past three years, rope twists have been my choice of protective styling. I find them extremely easy to maintain. As you can see, my natural hair is very kinky and coarse. In the hair typing system, I sit happy in the Type 4 Hair group! 

(If you are still new to natural hair, don't worry, stick around. I'll be explaining all this natural hair lingo very soon!)

So I took out my rope twists and VOILA! My hair had volume and some considerable length, but some sections were pretty knotted too.

Glean that 4C hair in all its glory! Also, thumbs up for this satin gown I thugged from my lovely mummy! Hihi!

Next, I drenched my hair in conditioner and olive oil and put on a plastic cap and my satin bonnet for the night. I let all the emollients get to work, so that in the morning, my hair would be prepped for detangling. I've found it LOTS easier to detangle my hair when it's wet rather than dry. Especially because I rarely comb my hair. 

How do you prepare your hair for detangling, especially after protective styling?

Coming up...

How I detangled, washed, blow dried and flat-ironed my hair to achieve these results! 

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