GoodRej Nupur Henna Mehandi Powder With 9 Herbs Blend 150g


GoodRej Nupur Henna Mehandi Powder With 9 Herbs Blend 150g

15.00 20.00

100% high grade natural heena

With goodness of 9 herbs: 

  • Hibiscus: Rejuvenates hair making it shiny & silky
  • Brahmi: Promotes hair growth
  • Shikakai: Leaves hair clean & shiny
  • Methi: Conditions nourishes and revitalises hair
  • Neem: Fights scalp infection and prevents damage
  • Jatamansi: Prevents greying of hair
  • Aloe Vera: Moisturises hair
  • Bringaraj: Thickens and conditions hair
  • Amla: Adds shine and lustre

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Hey Pretty! 

After I posted my henna YouTube video here, many of you asked me where to get Nupur Henna as some merchants are sold out or simply overcharging. I did a search online for shipping to US, UK, Canada, Australia and South Korea and after doing the math, I realised that I was saving as much as $10 by buying from Akki, my supplier!

So I'm super glad the wholesale supplier I got mine from offered to range in this product especially for the Craving Yellow Community at the same low price!! Yay!!

This product is available for international shipping. (5-8 business days to US, UK and Canada and the rest of the world)

Please feel free to purchase from here - I buy from them all the time and I've never been disappointed!! 

Oh and if you're wondering how I use henna on my hair to maximise hair growth feel free to watch my videos here: 

PS- This post is NOT sponsored by Goodrej Nupur Henna. I've used this product with much success and would love for you to have the same great results!!! xx