Love and Sunshine

Hi! I'm Tabitha. Thanks for stopping by! 

Craving Yellow is a blog about my insatiable craving for love and sunshine! I mainly share tips and tricks I've learnt over the course of my 5 year journey to waist length type 4 natural hair.  And as life goes, and as our hair grows, I share my raw and heartfelt musings on young womanhood - be it falling in love (with him and with myself), finishing uni, starting a career or even simply, my latest beauty finds!

Why yellow?

Well, yellow in many ways represents 25 (and a half) adventurous trips around the sun! Yellow reminds me of sunny beaches in my home country, Kenya...of sunrises and sunsets in Johannesburg...of sunflowers and daffodils at Oxford's Covered Market...of Massachusetts' lemon tarts and Thai curry...and of the ecstatic and electrifying vibes of my new hometown, Melbourne!

Craving Yellow is a journey towards loving and embracing my true self. It's choosing to bask in the rays of the golden sun, wherever life's uncertain path may lead. 

I write (and just recently started making YouTube videos) because I'm simply passionate about encouraging a positive and self-affirmative womanhood for myself and for my readers. Alongside all the natural hair glam, make-up and fashion, is real life - with its joys, ups and downs, treasures and pains. My sincerest desire is that Craving Yellow inspires the pursuit of wholesome womanhood.

I'm really really excited that you found my little corner of the world wide web! Feel free to hang out with me! 




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Sending you lots of love and sunshine!!